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                                      WHAT IS OIFEST ?


Our first Oifest was in November 2009 , and it was the 1st anniversary of the formation of Birmingham Gay Skins, which was renamed to British Gay Skins  & BGS community in 2012.BGS was formed by Mickie  and Steve in 2008 -  Mickie a young geordie  guy, who wanted to help get younger lads into the scene, and Steve an older generation Midlander with a keen interest in promoting the skin fetish scene.


Each year the anniversary in November, celebrates the formation of BGS and the gay skin community. Over the years ,Euro Skins have joined in our event , making it a really European venture . The pilgrimage ,as we call it, brings people together socially and helps to build the skin network and keep it alive. Boltz club allow us to have exclusive use of the club in the evening, with a strict dress code after 9pm to 11pm  - which makes the event unique in UK.


It is a very social occasion , although there are many opportunities over the weekend to indulge in play , and use many of the facilities that BOLTZ CLUB has to offer. The combination of a great crowd of guys in gear, a great cruise venue, fair priced drinks, and entertainment laid on with great music and acts, all lead up to a fantastic full weekend.  Some thing for every one even a free bar be que !  Our photographers try to capture the more social moments.


This year ,2019, is our 11th anniversary  at Boltz.

Here is a video interview that Steve did with Karl Hayden during our 2nd OIFEST in 2011















The gallery below are pictures from the early days.



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